Ramanujam Narayan-The Wealth Creator

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Life and Non-Life Insurance Products

Ramanujam Narayan is a IRDA certified Insurance Adviser with years of experience in imparting financial consultancy to thousands of people. He deals with both life and non-life insurance products to help build the individuals to make them financially strong.

Life Insurance Products

As an IRDA certified personnel, Ramanujam Narayan is authorised to sell various insurance products from LIC of India. Insurance based investment, these days is the need of the hour as it caters to the long term financial need of the people. LIC the mighty organization which supports for the development of the entire nation has more products for all segments and all types of financial needs. With LIC now one can plan for Child education, Marriage, Pension, business start up capital and for various other financial planning of the family as a whole. Applying the Human Life Value concept, Ramanujam Narayan is able to indicate the worth of every working individual thereby helps them to have the appropriate Insurance policies.


Non-Life Insurance products

All types of non-life insurance products are introduced among the public by Ramanujam Narayan with a view to protect all from the unexpected financial loss/needs. The Non Life products of United India Insurance Company is being introduced by Ramanujam Narayan, being an IRDA certified professional who knows the value of every individual. With the increased cost of Health care industry, it is wise to have mediclaim policy by all and hence the best product is often introduced with required sum assured. A range of non-life products are available to cater to the needs for each individual. Motor insurance policy, Personal accident policies, Fire and Burglary policies and Marine Insurance policies are some of the essential products from United India Insurance and the same is being introduced by Ramanujam Narayan to all concerned.

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