I am back again

Yes, after a long gap I am back again in contributing my ideas to this world. Under the Sun, everything is possible and I earnestly believe this sentiment. It is true, idea rule the world, yet effective ideas can save this world too.

I wish I could do more.




The World of Poets-A Review

Anaikatti Training
Ever since I started blogging, my integral part of writing has become Poetry writing, which I like most. It is easy to express our thoughts and ideas mainly through our poems in general. So far, I have posted many Short stories, Children stories, Articles and Reviews, yet the amount of personal satisfaction I get more only from Poetry writing.

When I write poem, I make sure that the same conveys useful message in a simple manner. The vast majority are interested to know the points direct, as such I carefully avoid complex words. Moreover, a poem also serves as a motivational tool to help any individual. I wish to convey greater messages that helps every individual who wish to come out of their trivial problems which has a simple solution.

I have written more than sixty poems last year, almost on various topics. Though my core area of writing poem is nature and love, I also have written many poems in the topics like motivation, inspiration, business, fashion, adviser, training, friendship and leadership. I am sure any one will find my poems convincing and consoling.

I have recently joined in Poetry.com where I have published many of my poems. The advantage of Poetry.com is we can find many to review, comment and like our poems which is a prime motivating factor to go further. It encourages even freshers to write poems and develop their skill in the respective field. All that is needed is just personal interest. I give below my profile link of Poetry.com


To read my poems, you may visit my above link. You will find a whole new world of poems to fulfill your thirst for motivation and inspiration. Do give your valuable reviews and comments, in order to help me develop further to serve you better through my poems.

To visit my various blogs, I give below the link


Poetry.com helps greatly by giving opportunity to those who are interested to write poems, as such the work of Poetry.com is really commendable indeed.

A Review byAyubkhan.U