Moon on Earth-A Poem

moon on earth
I saw her, a moon on earth!
The one with enchanting smile!
Her bright eyes reflecting eternal love!
And her love has lasting value!

This long sky is interesting!
As the moving clouds,
Stop for a while to admire the moon,
I admire this walking beauty!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


The Heart and the Brave Heart-A Poem

brave heart
Surrounded by the ocean of fear, I’m just walking!
Walking with no other thoughts,
Than the very thought of fear alone!
When fear turns to engulf me, I cry!

I could hear the cry of a bird, Somewhere around !
I pity, though I seldom pity about myself!
When I walk, like a shadow the fear follows!
O God, i fear only this worst fear itself!

Fear takes me to this twilight zone,
Where there is no light but darkness!
I am expecting that light to come,
The light of courage, my only savior from fear!

I wish I could get that brave heart,
To tackle the problems of so called fear!
And I pray the Almighty to bestow me with strength!
The strength that could face any ordeal in life!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

A Profound Thought-A Poem

Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram
Don’t steal my dear child,
keep away from wrongdoings!
Never get afraid of poverty!
Always remember, you have abundant skill!

Just give a profound thought,
To change your shameful acts!
Strive hard to correct yourself!
Correct your mistakes when it is small!

There’s always a team,
That plans effectively to steal!
There’s also a team,
That enforce act to stop wrongdoings!

These process continues for life,
As it never makes any impact!
Unless the individual changes,
It is hard to control the theft, isn’t it?

The time has come for hard work to get rewarded!
Eradicate the very thought of accumulating wealth!
If your intention to work is assured,
The intention to harm will automatically vanish!

A translation by Ayubkhan.U
from the Tamil song by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram
a famous Poet.