The Heart and the Brave Heart-A Poem

brave heart
Surrounded by the ocean of fear, I’m just walking!
Walking with no other thoughts,
Than the very thought of fear alone!
When fear turns to engulf me, I cry!

I could hear the cry of a bird, Somewhere around !
I pity, though I seldom pity about myself!
When I walk, like a shadow the fear follows!
O God, i fear only this worst fear itself!

Fear takes me to this twilight zone,
Where there is no light but darkness!
I am expecting that light to come,
The light of courage, my only savior from fear!

I wish I could get that brave heart,
To tackle the problems of so called fear!
And I pray the Almighty to bestow me with strength!
The strength that could face any ordeal in life!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U