An Introduction to Outdoor Publicity

outdoor publicity
Outdoor Publicity plays a very vital role in effectively performing advertising and branding functions as such it is considered to be the most important type of advertisement strategy in real sense.

The outdoor publicity concept has innumerable strategies to brand any product or services in the business world. Every day some new strategy is being introduced in outdoor publicity there by making the system stronger and worthwhile.

Some of the prominent Outdoor publicity methods are listed below.

Hoardings and Signboards

Hoardings are of two types. A hoarding being displayed at the outer wall of the buildings situated in the prominent place of the city. This type of road facing hoardings with high visibility is preferred by the clients more often. Such hoardings are available from small size to very big sizes according to the budget of the organization. It is normally given on monthly rental and charged per sq. ft. rate.

Most of the hoardings are displayed at highway land area which has more visibility as those who travel on road could see the hoarding as such it has more mileage than the other hoardings.

Signboards are illuminated with lighting giving access and visibility to the passers by even at night time.

Bus Panel Advertisements

Bus backside panel advertisement is a most successful advertisement as the visibility for the same is more. Bus panel advertisement is of two types.

Bus back panel advertisements and bus inside panel advertisements are very popular has very good response among the clients since it gives very good visibility as a whole. Apart form this there is also full bus (sticker advertisement) which is also more powerful for the branding exercise of any product or services.

Buses are frequently plying in and out the city as such many people are able to see the advertisement placed at the back side or inside the bus. It covers the whole city, which in turn leads to a good popularity of the advertisement placed over there.

Auto Cover and Auto Panel Advertisements

Auto panel placed at the back side of auto displays the advertisement of company products in an elegant way. This strategy is the oldest method and really workable if displayed in more number of autos at a time.

Auto Cover or Top advertisement is the development of auto panel advertisement which has very good response since its introduction during 1997. As the auto panel advertisement has its own limitations since the panel is smaller in size in comparison with bus back side panels.

The advantage of auto cover advertisement is its visibility from all sides. Further autos are plying around the city and nook and corner of every city, as such even the campaign is smaller in number of autos, the visibility is really more.

Auto cover advertisement is very cost effective when comparing to Bus panel advertisement which is payable monthly. The expenses of auto cover advertisement constitute one time payment and hence it is very competitive and cheaper in value.

Bus Shelters

The latest trend in outdoor advertisement is branding through Bus Shelters. Those who wish to travel by city bus wait at the respective bus stops, and so there is a good possibility of seeing the ads when it is placed at the bus stop itself. The clients sponsor the expenses of lighting and displaying the product details over there. It seems to be costly, involving regular monthly expenses yet very powerful and can make the product campaign effective through its unique feature.

Wall Paintings

Wall painting publicity is the oldest yet useful publicity method which is also cost effective indeed. The product/company details and campaign slogans are painted on the wall which makes the visibility possible.

Apart from the about ads, there are more number of outdoor publicity is available for campaign. Some of them are listed below.

1. Railway Ads
2. Ads in Traffic Signs
3. Ads in Balloons

Many new concepts are added every day as such outdoor publicity continues to win the heart of the clients now and forever.

An Article by Ayubkhan.U


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