New Year Hopes-A Poem

New Year Hopes
New Year is about to come!
New resolutions sparks around!
Life is going to change completly!
That’s what we all think now!

The beginning of any day can’t be special,
Unless we make it through our act!
How one could expect the fruit,
Without having watered the plant!

We are good at planning, aren’t we?
Making a resolution is often easy!
We need to work hard to get the things done!
Have you decided to work by now?

Make your resolution meaningful,
Reslove to make a change in life!
Work for it, to make it come true!
Be true to your heart, live at your best!

O’ my fellow poets, lets have a profound thought!
Let’s work and achieve in this New Year 2013!
The whole world cherish through positive actions!
Thanks to Almighty and Happy New Year to all!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U


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