This World Needs More-A Poem

This world seems to be different!
A kind of indifference rule the planet!
When kindness and love go out of reach,
This world needs more, let’s make it better!

Spreading the news of peace is essential for now,
Let’s avoid chaos and confusion to live in harmony!
This world is a great place to live, isn’t it?
Showing love and compassion makes us human!

As we live, let’s make a point to give!
This mighty sun gives light to the world,
And the silver moons sheds tender light at night!
Nature gives, get inspired and give more!

Love is priceless, do you need a price to give your love?
Love is pure, this world needs more love; can’t we give?
This simple love has all the magic within,
Let’s love and give, this world needs more my friend!

This sunset at the west might make the sky red,
Yet it’s going to be dawn again that brings hope!
This world has all the goodness in it!
Let’s think right, do right, to make everything right!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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Winner Takes The Reward

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A Review by Ayubkhan.U

Its a New World-A Poem

Those days were different, they are gone indeed!
Life’s problems can’t remain eternal!
The ray of hope blooms in my mind like a flower!
Its a new world my friend, lets cherish this memory!

This thought of love is a medicine to cure,
The illness of fear which threatened once!
There is a way to lead a better life by all
If you think right and do right, to avoid a fall!

This moon is friendly and gave me the brightness!
This sky has revealed to be a broad minded one!
These dark clouds taught me to show mercy,
By bringing the showers of rain to this Mother earth!

When nature inspires, one feels safe!
This nature is a treasure, makes our living worthy!
This nature is pure, as pure as a mist dews!
This nature is everything, it gives and it takes!

The agony you are facing is not real, its a myth!
See the poorest, you are only poorer!
You need to tell what you really want!
To get the best, you must work for it!

A Poem by Ayubkhan.U

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